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Viasat VS HughesNet: Best Internet Option for Rural Residents

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Internet services are getting better with each passing day. DSL, fiber, cable, and satellite are few forms of the internet that you can get at your home or in the office. Depending on your location, the most prevalent internet services are cable and DSL internet. While fiber optic internet is limited to only a set of locations. But when it comes to satellite internet, the availability is limited to rural areas where cable and copper wires are not deployed as much as in the countryside.

Satellite Internet

If you are living in a rural area, your set of choice is limited to only satellite internet. Although the speed is not as much as you would experience in the case of DSL, cable, or fiber, yet the satellite internet gives a decent speed to let you check emails, socialize on different social platforms, and watch videos on a much lower resolution than any other form of internet.

Viasat VS HughesNet

At present, HughesNet and Viasat are two satellite providers in the United States. Both of the service providers offer enough speed to keep you connected without letting you do much such as streaming, gaming, or downloading. Viasat and HughesNet offer limited data caps on all of their plans. However, data caps can be increased by subscribing to other plans demanding more money.

Viasat for instance offers high-speed internet and sufficient data caps. If you wish to stream videos on several devices, Viasat’s unlimited 100 plan is quite lucrative. The plan costs you $150 per month for the promo period and increases to $200 after the period ends. The best part is that you will be getting 300 GB of priority data per month and unlimited data at lower speeds afterward.

Viasat is a better option as compared to HughesNet due to its higher speed offerings in several locations. It is almost four times faster than HughesNet. One of the best things about Viasat is a higher data cap on all of its plans. With the highest plan, you will be getting around 300 GB of data per month, which is approximately six times more than any HughesNet plan. Keep in mind that the prices of HughesNet are similar to Viasat, but with slower speeds and much lower data caps.

HughesNet is another great option for rural inhabitants. The availability of the internet in rural areas is quite limited as compared to urban areas. If you have no other option, HughesNet is not less than a blessing. If you and your family members are not heavy internet users and are involved in only basic browsing, socializing, and other activities, go for it without giving a second thought. HughesNet’s customer support is not great but better than any other service provider. If your internet is acting up or needs to ask any questions regarding plans and pricing, the only way to resolve is to contact HughesNet servicio al cliente.

As we have mentioned earlier, you get limited data caps on your satellite internet. The question is how to manage your online stuff when everything requires a large number of data caps. Data travels from space and reaches back. As soon as you reach your data limits, you will experience speed throttling. Be prepared to experience these issues, as you might need to upgrade your plan for more data limits.

HughesNet offers limited data caps, while Viasat offers unlimited internet plans. But keep in mind that unlimited data caps also limit the amount of data speed you can incorporate each month. Once you reach the data limit, you can still use the internet, but with speed throttling issues.

When choosing an internet plan, make sure to choose it wisely that offers you enough data cap to help you stay connected throughout the month without reaching data cap.

While most people prefer cable, DSL, or fiber internet to continue their daily online spree due to more speed and data caps – but when there is no other option available, you need to settle for satellite internet.

Summing Up

Satellite internet despite having many negatives, the positive aspects cannot be ignored. For instance, you can use the internet from any part of the world and get yourself connected to check your mails, socialize, watch videos, and do other activities that do not require bigger data caps.

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