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5 businesses you can start using WordPress

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The beauty of WordPress lies in its versatility. It’s a tool that can be used for everything from a simple blog to a fully-fledged business with a high street presence and roster of staff. So, if you’re a budding entrepreneur eager to make the most of WordPress but unsure where to start, here’s a list of some of the most popular businesses to launch today.

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#1 eCommerce

eCommerce is booming, with more businesses appearing every day. Some choose to go down the dropshipping route. These businesses don’t hold physical stock and act more like intermediaries, selling products that are shipped directly from a warehouse. Other people hold stock and handle delivery, some sell a small number of bespoke, expensive goods. Whatever you choose, a good website and an understanding of WordPress functionality are key. Many eCommerce businesses, therefore, turn to a specialist WordPress development agency to take care of things like SEO, content, and infrastructure implementation. This ensures a positive customer experience, which is crucial for any fledgling eCommerce business in the crowded market.

#2 Content/copy writing

Content and copywriting are similar areas that you can get started in with just a well-designed website. Content writers produce things like blogs and articles, usually optimized for search engines and designed to drive traffic. Copywriters are more focused on marketing and technical writing. They’ll be tasked with producing engaging adverts and marketing posts. Both careers are heavily freelance and fully remote. Use a WordPress site to list your qualifications, show examples of your work, and contact clients.

#3 Blogging

WordPress is perfect for bloggers. Its sheer simplicity and low entry level make it easy to get started, but the customization options are near limitless. In addition, bloggers have a range of options to monetize their content. For example, you might go into affiliate marketing, which means advertising a product and taking a cut of any sales, or you might sell eBooks or even guest blog posts. Whatever you choose, a well-designed and easy-to-navigate site is the foundation of any successful blogger’s career.

#4 Social media manager

Social media managers have a broad remit. They manage the social media platforms of influencers, businesses, or anybody with a large online presence. The work includes everything from replying to messages to establishing an efficient post schedule and finding the right hashtags. A good website is a must. You’ll need an explanatory section of the services you offer, a bespoke price list, and (if possible) a testimonials section.

#5 Translation

If you’re fluent in a second language, then translation might just be the job for you. Depending on the language (and your proficiency in it), translators can earn a lot of money. It’s easy to get established, too. First, you’ll need to launch your own site (where WordPress comes in), listing your credentials and qualifications and showing some examples of your most recent work. From there, it’s a matter of using good SEO and building a social media presence to attract clients. As your profile grows, so too will your number of orders.

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