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Reasons to Switch from Manual to Automatic Dialer

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A dialer is one of the most essential tools in a call center. Many contact centers still use manual dialers, which require the agents to enter the numbers manually and ring them. The outcome may vary as the call could get disconnected, reach voicemail, or end up unanswered. Some contact centers embraced technology and adopted the use of auto dialers, which, as the term suggests, automatically dials the numbers they need to call. If your call center still uses a manual dialer, here are some reasons to stop using it and upgrade to an automatic one.

 Automatic Dialer

It’s less efficient

As mentioned, agents must dial the numbers individually, which is time-consuming. An auto dialer will resolve this concern and make the process more efficient. It will do the mundane task of dialing the numbers so the agents don’t have to. Plus, they will only get the answered calls, so they don’t have to deal with voicemails, disconnected calls, or those continuously ringing without an answer.

It’s susceptible to errors

Agents could mistakenly dial the wrong numbers, which could frustrate the people receiving the call. They might post their complaint on social media, tarnishing your reputation. Moreover, they could report your number, which could be block-listed or considered spam. It’s also a waste of time and energy. Transitioning to an automatic dialer will eliminate these errors, as the system will dial the numbers from the database.

It’s not flexible

Manual dialers may work for those that require agents to perform some actions before calling the next number. But there’s no flexibility to that. An automatic call center dialer is flexible as you can set it to dial the next number after a certain period to give time for the agents to wrap up the previous call. It also comes with a manual dialing mode, so you can choose the best setting based on your needs.

More idle time

It’s hard to keep an eye on all the agents at all times, and unfortunately, some may not be as productive as they should be. Manually dialing the numbers allows them to slack if they want to. They might even skip calling specific numbers they don’t want to call for whatever reason. An auto dialer resolves this dilemma. It maximizes the agents’ talk time, increasing productivity, as calls are automatically assigned to them as soon as they are available. They also could not skip or choose the clients they talk to since successful calls are transferred regardless of the customer.

It’s tiring

Of all the calls that agents attempt, only a fraction of them could reach an actual person. As mentioned, it could end up in voicemail, the receiver may hang up, or worse, they might answer the call but shout or curse at the agents. It can be tiring, so agents may no longer be at their best once they successfully connect to a client.

Evaluate your current operation and needs, and see if a manual dialer still fits your call center. If not, consider using an auto dialer to improve productivity and efficiency.

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