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3G and 4G mobile proxies

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Our company Infatica offers its customers to subscribe to mobile versions of proxy servers, the data transmission of which is based on 3G and 4G technologies. This will significantly expand the opportunities for business owners and allow them to globalize their commercial activities from almost any location, which will lead to a quick payback, company development, and profit beyond that described in a standard business plan.

4G mobile proxies

What are mobile proxies?

Every owner of a small, medium, or large IT business has always faced the need to optimize their search queries, provide seamless access to a remote website, bypass blocking, as well as collect data, and use an effective SEO tool, and 3G and 4G mobile proxies can solve all these problems.

The main functionality of mobile proxies

The main function of mobile proxies is the unhindered ability to use the mobile Internet from anywhere in the world. It is enough for the user to select the country where the searched and analyzed information portal is located, and then connect to the local mobile operator using IP addresses. Thus, the customer will easily get to the requested resource, check targeted advertising, analyze content, and select the most useful information for him through interactive search queries, but at the same time remain completely anonymous.

All operations are performed only in real-time, due to the high speed of the proxy servers, without any delay in the response of any system from the requested portal. The intelligent system offered by our developers easily bypasses all geolocation restrictions, does not require a captcha solution, and also localizes requests, ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of the marketing policy of each business owner, regardless of the type of activity.

The basic advantages of mobile proxies

Our client base is growing every month from newcomers, owners of small companies, and large players in the IT industry, and users trust us, as we provide them with the following advantages, compared to most of our competitors doing similar commercial activities:

  • Our extensive database of mobile IP addresses includes more than 1 million of these codes, which provide seamless access to most Internet resources around the world.
  • Our modern servers have a huge amount of RAM and provide the fastest response time to any request, regardless of the country and traffic volume.
  • IP addresses are designed to work with local mobile operators, regardless of the country where information is requested in search filters, which guarantees complete anonymity to the customer.
  • We provide an individual approach to each potential customer, which allows him to get the most profitable tariff plan, both in the form of a package of services at a fixed subscription price, and to request exclusive conditions from our operators.
  • If the user has any difficulties with working on our portal, he can always contact the technical support service, which works 24/7, and our professional operators will answer any questions.
  • We offer as many as 5 different geologists for US IP addresses.
  • Our customers use only 3G/4G connections, connecting not to Internet service providers, but to local mobile operators.

All our customers are satisfied with our cooperation with us, and also leave only positive feedback about us on many independent forums and information portals on the network, noting our professionalism, attention to subscribers to our services, as well as fast and uninterrupted connection.

What are the goals of our customers when they use Infatica proxy servers?

Each customer of our services to provide access to mobile proxy servers has one or more of the following goals:

  • The ability to access any information portal around the world, with complete confidentiality and anonymity.
  • The maximum time in the system without any failures and performance drops reduces the speed of response to any request.
  • Full automation of search request processing to increase the efficiency of working with portals, eliminating increased time and labor costs.
  • The ability to scan all the most popular search engines on the network with filters to select the most effective mobile proxy server for processing a specific user request.
  • Every customer strives to protect their data from cyber-attacks, unauthorized intrusion, copying, deletion, or theft of files, and our system fully meets these stringent requirements, updating security systems almost every week.
  • Any business owner strives to ensure the inviolability of their copyrights, namely, the protection of their brand, logo, content, and other intellectual property, and we ensure the complete safety of each user.
  • Before starting work on processing requests to obtain the necessary information through IP addresses from various Internet sources, the customer will need to collect data from competing platforms, which allows for a convenient scanning option with a quick selection of exactly those positions that users require, according to the selected filters.
  • The main goal of new users is, of course, the quick start of doing business, finding the right information, placing targeted advertising, attracting new customers to sell the product and get as much profit as possible, and with our system it is possible to achieve this in the shortest possible time.

We offer customers more than 1 million different IP addresses registered on the servers of local mobile service providers in Asia, America, Africa, Europe, and other geolocations. Our geotargeting is offered from thousands of different mobile devices, each with a registered IP address.

What is the trial version of our mobile Infatica proxy servers?

Not every user, especially if he is a beginner in the IT field, can quickly arrange a tariff plan according to his real needs. To eliminate mistakes and doubts of our potential customers, we offer them a completely free trial subscription to our mobile 3G/4G proxy servers for 7 days.

This version is not truncated, and we provide the same technical support 24/7, help the customer understand all the nuances of the system, eliminate errors when entering requests, and answer all questions of interest.

To subscribe to a trial version of the subscription, you just need to go to our official website, go to the contacts section and send us a request through the feedback window, send us all your contact details so that we know exactly where to send the access codes. Based on the results of using our trial version, after 7 days, the user can either refuse further cooperation and pay for the tariff plan, or stay on our platform, which has issued the most beneficial subscription for him.

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