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Fun Ways to Merge Videos Together Online

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The online platform, which is described in detail below, offers its users the ability to quickly merge any video files consisting of several segments into a single movie or clip. More designers or ordinary users of social networks will no longer need to download, install a file, or search for codecs, and they will also not face the problem of format or extension mismatches. The following describes in detail the video editor, which allows you to combine different media files into a single clip.

video merge

How are video files merged online using the editor?

When a customer needs to edit his file to successfully merge videos online, he will need to sequentially perform the following simple steps of the technological map:

  • The platform opens like a regular website, through a browser or a search bar on the Internet, authorization, and registration are not required.
  • On the main screen of the software loaded in a new window, you need to click on the icon in the drop-down menu “merge video”.
  • After opening the required window, on the main working screen of the platform, in new links, all video files that need to be edited and subsequently combined are uploaded.
  • The primary file is uploaded through the “open file” button, and subsequent media documents – through the “add” button. All tools are located at the bottom of the screen, in the form of graphic and text icons.
  • Each video is pre-trimmed using the timeline settings tool, and this action must be repeated for each open file until the length of the video meets the user’s internal requirements, and the transition points from one file to another become logical.
  • Further, after adjusting the file length, you will need to edit each video, especially if they are made in different formats. At this stage, it means changing the format, size, resolution, and aspect ratio, highlighting the desired part of the content in a frame, followed by stretching the image across the screen.
  • After editing, you need to select the color scheme of the file, and then adjust the brightness, contrast, and other solutions to correct the visual display of the video document.
  • Combining pre-prepared files occurs by pressing one button on the main screen – the user simply selects all files in strict sequence and then makes one clip or movie out of them.
  • The user selects the encoding format and resolution of the future file after it is combined. MP4 is perfect for the web, MKV for offline use, and MOV for smartphones with Apple’s IOS software installed.
  • After adjusting and combining all video files into a single clip, you will need to perform one of two actions – either save it using any internal or external media on a PC, or a smartphone with a large amount of internal memory, or send the finished file through the manager, or any other network for messaging, by e-mail address.

Using this online application, a customer can combine two or more different video files, even if they differ in resolution, are created in different formats, and do not initially correspond to each other. This becomes fully accessible once the user masters the simple interface of the video editor.

Reasons to choose the video editor in question

Most Internet users who need to correct, edit, and merge various fragments of video files into single media tracks choose the graphic editor in question, which can be found at the link attached above since this online platform has many undeniable advantages over its competitors:

  • First of all, the platform guarantees complete security, which eliminates the risk of leakage of all data shared by the user with the server. This is achieved by multi-stage encryption of each request and response to it, and the customer interacts with the system only through a fully secure dedicated channel. It should be noted that the company managing the service has certificates of conformity and licenses certifying the security of users by international requirements of the EU and the USA.
  • Platform developers have many years of experience in the information technology industry and graphical file editing. In this regard, when creating and configuring the service, as well as when releasing new releases during software updates, errors, flaws that lead to software failures, inaccuracies, low-quality results, or other negative consequences are completely excluded. Over the years of the platform’s existence, engineers and programmers have long taken into account all the mistakes of previous releases, and also studied all similar products of competitors and offer only a complete service with a full range of convenient and safe functions.
  • The platform does not require the installation of files on the user’s PC, as it is initially loaded on the company’s internal servers. Given the power and modern equipment, the graphic video editor processes a large video in just 1-2 minutes, provides its merging and the use of other options without the risk of overloading the user’s RAM, as well as filling up free space on the hard drive.
  • The program works completely online, including all additional features and tools, regardless of which tariff plan the customer chooses – a free basic version or an advanced version with a subscription fee. Thus, each user does not have to configure the software, as well as log in and verify on the platform. At the same time, the file, after editing and merging, can be converted to almost any video format. Users have access to such extensions as MPEG, MOV, and WMV, as well as many other formats widely used in the world, the files of which can be opened from almost any stationary or mobile device.
  • The developers initially aimed at creating a universal application, the interest of which will be intuitively clear to every user, regardless of their gender, age and specialty. Thus, it is with this platform that every active Internet user can become an almost professional web designer in just 2-3 days.
  • The ability to edit and merge files not only on a PC but also on any mobile device, regardless of the type of operating system installed on them.

Each owner of a media file will be able to upload it today through the platform described above, process, edit, glue and make exactly the intelligent interactive product that he needs to upload to third-party resources, as well as send it to interested parties, customers, or simply save it in the memory of his computer.

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