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How to Speed Up Internet for Your Business

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Are your employees complaining about the slow internet speeds? That is not good news because it can hamper their productivity and the daily workflow of your business. On top of running your own business, you don’t need another hurdle such as the one having a reliable internet connection. But, fret not, we have narrowed down some of the ways you can try to make sure your business internet connection runs smoothly as possible so that your business flow isn’t disrupted.

Satellite Internet

Upgrade Your Internet Connection

This is the most obvious one; you should have an internet connection from one of the best internet connections in the US. There are many, but we recommend you go for Xfinity internet plans, which offers some good internet speeds and reliable connectivity to people running businesses.

Another thing you need to go for is a leased business line. It means that your business will receive a dedicated fiber broadband connection that runs directly from the nearest fiber connection to your workplace. Having a leased line will provide your business with unparalleled speed and reliability.

Go for a Higher Package

You will find that most internet plans for businesses include faster internet speeds. Depending on the size of your business and the number of people using the internet, you will need to go for an internet plan that is able to fulfill the internet connection needs of all business devices.

Although that can lead to an increase in the monthly cost of your internet connection, having a faster internet speed can lead to an increase in the productivity of your employees. Hence, your business operations can run more efficiently as possible with a faster internet speed that is able to meet the demands of all the company devices.

Get a 5G Router

If your business is receiving a bad internet connection due to where it is located, then you should look into getting a 5G router. It will help to improve the internet speed by delivering a reliable 5G connection to all your business devices. The 5G technology is known to be pretty robust in its infrastructure so internet downtime is less likely to happen.

Having a 5G router for your business will improve the internet speeds for your business as well as be a more cost-effective solution of broadband connectivity for businesses that are residing in rural areas.

Upgrade Your Wi-Fi Router

Even if you have an upgraded internet package for your business, it won’t work as smoothly without a good router/modem. It is easy to overlook the functionality of a Wi-Fi router when worrying about internet speeds, but it is important to remember that the kind of router you have does affect the internet speeds!

A better and newer router will do a great job at handling internet traffic, transferring higher internet speeds, sharing bandwidth, and providing a further range to all your business devices on the premise. Make sure your business Wi-Fi router is updated constantly, as needed.

Use Ethernet connection

Having a Wi-Fi connection makes it easier for your employees to move around the workplace and collaborate remotely. But the fact of the matter is that a wired Ethernet connection is more reliable, secure, and faster than a wireless connection. If all your business devices are upgraded to a wired connection, then the result will be reduced latency and improved internet speeds.

Having an Ethernet connection can also improve the range of your internet connection. Running a business with a large number of employees means that you need to install multiple routers around the premise so that they can all receive wireless connection on their business devices. But a wired connection is a very good alternative for this scenario because it can connect all devices without worrying about whether these devices are out of range.

Limit Bandwidth on Each Device

Controlling and limiting bandwidth on each company device is one way to speed up the internet connection. Each device will have an equal share of the business internet bandwidth. That prevents any other device from hogging all the internet bandwidth and as a result, depriving other devices of the network connection.

A possible way to do that is by installing a solution that automatically limits the bandwidth for all business devices that are connected to the business network.

Final Thoughts

A slow internet connection doesn’t bode well for all your employees and can hamper their productivity and workflow. And as a result, it can also affect your day-to-day business operation. However, you were smart enough to run a business all by yourself, so you also need to be smart enough to figure out how to get through the nooks and crannies of a bad and unreliable internet connection and make it work for your business and all your employees.

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