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What to Consider When Developing Software to Sell to Businesses

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You have ideas about solutions to some business issues, and you believe they can benefit many businesses. However, you realize that developing software and creating a program that will sell are vastly different. Moreover, there are several things to consider when embarking on a software project, among other factors.

software development

Software development takes time and effort, which will also depend on the complexity or size of the project. Here are the important elements you should consider with regard to software development.

Project’s goals and needs

It is difficult to define your goals and needs. You may have an excellent idea, but you should consider and review every aspect of the development process several times. It is the same with your needs and goals. You must be definite about why you want to develop the software and what you hope to accomplish with the software you will create. It is important to outline what the users will do with the software and the functions your project needs to provide the solution you envision. You can also think about efficient software licensing at this stage.

The end-users

After defining your needs and goals, you should define your users. Identify them and define how and what your software can do for them. If your software can solve a problem, it will be easier to sell them to businesses, as you do not need to persuade them. But if your software development is for a new market, your initial steps would be to do extensive research on the product, competition, industry, and target users.

Project constraints

Several factors affect any project, from your availability to technologies, budget, resources, and time. Depending on the project’s complexity, there could be other constraints and dependencies. Maintaining the integrity and quality of the product can complicate the progress. Each step goes through analysis and testing, and unforeseen hitches can affect the project’s timeline.


You should be definite about what you want for your software project. However, you should have the flexibility to let go of some elements that hinder its progress. You might have to split the project into several phases so that the delivery of the vital aspects of the project will be faster. Other things to consider are the purpose and requirements of the software, its intangible and tangible benefits, and how much revenue you expect to gain from the project. 

Software integration, reporting, hosting, and distribution

You should decide if the software is stand-alone or needs integration with another business system. You need in-depth research for this aspect, as companies use various software for their business processes. Compatibility could be an issue. Adding data capturing and reporting functionalities can make the software more appealing to your customers. The tools can help create personalized reports, including appearance, dimensions, and metrics. You should also think about how you are going to distribute the software. Are you going to host it or find a distributor for it?

Aside from these factors, consider software maintenance and after-sales support. You need careful planning to ensure that you are on track in every phase of software development.

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