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4 Mistakes to Avoid in Customer Service

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Robust customer service can make your sales go up instantly. On the contrary, a poor support team can end up sabotaging your entire company and its future in the industry. Gone are the days when people only used to make business with certain companies based on their products, services, or prices. Now, consumers have become more conscious of their choices and where they are investing their money in. That being said, people consider customer service one of the most integral parts of their decision-making when choosing a certain brand.

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If you are thinking of establishing a company of your own or you might already have and thinking of revamping its customer support department, then you are at the right place because we have curated and created a list of some of the common mistakes you need to avoid in customer service.

So, let’s take a look at our list.

1.     Not Listening to the Customers

One of the commonly found yet neglected mistakes is that agents often fail to listen to the customers. They keep on going about how the company can help them or provide them with better services, and along the way, they don’t pay much heed to what the customer is trying to say, nor do they try to understand it.

Listening to a customer is an excellent skill. Giving an accurate answer to the query while avoiding all kinds of confusion can help in developing a healthy relationship. For this, you can take a few pointers from telecom companies like Xfinity. This company is known for its impressive customer satisfaction rate. It is known for catering to customers belonging to all kinds of backgrounds. What’s more, the perfect channel of Xfinity Internet servicio al cliente en Español is available on social media, emails, chats, and many more for people of Hispanic descent. This goes to show what companies are doing to understand the needs of their diverse customers.

2.     Lack of Empathy

Being sensitive towards your clients and understanding where they are coming from goes a long way in customer service. The agent’s role is to provide support, as opposed to shame the clients for the issues they are facing or the queries they have regarding the services your company is offering. Even if an agent is having a difficult time coming up with a solution to a client’s problem, the fact that they are expressing empathy can actually help a lot in keeping the customer loyal to your company.

For this, the agent must let the customers know that you acknowledge their issue and try to approach the said issue in the same way you would want someone else to approach your problem.

3.     Making the Customers Wait Too Long in Line

Put yourself in the shoe of the customers. How would you feel if you called a company with a pressing question or an issue and they make you wait for a long time in line or the call gets transferred to voicemail? Of course, you would be infuriated. This is typically how the customers react, and rightfully so, we must add.

Making the customers wait too long in line makes them think that you do not prioritize your customers and don’t care enough for them to hire sufficient staff that can cater to their issues. Moreover, it can also come across as an insult to all customers who take time out of their busy schedules to call you only to ask a question.

This is why we cannot stress enough how important it is for you to build a customer support department that is readily available to consumers or clients. Whether it requires you to hire more staff or to train the existing ones, you must take care of the fact that customers’ calls should not be passed along.

4.     Relying on the Scripts

Customers quickly catch on when you are communicating solely based on the script that has been provided to them. Personalization adds a human touch to communication. The customers don’t want the answer or solution you typically give to every other client, they instead want you to understand that their issue is valid and must be catered to with complete attention.

In addition to this, scripts can end up providing answers that are out-of-context and do not necessarily make sense. This can cause a major loss to your business. We are not denying that you should completely let go of the scripts. Of course, for small issues that are common amongst clients, an agent can have a handy script for it but using the same lines for every problem, especially on social media, can make it look like you are chatting with a bot. And mark our words, customers don’t want to chat with a bot.

The Bottom Line

Mistakes in customer support are not something any company can afford. It can cause a huge loss and can potentially put the entire future of a company risk. This is why we have put together a list of some of the important and commonly found mistakes every company should avoid. We hope you found this article helpful and will consider these errors while establishing a CS department of your own.

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