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Infographic: A Brief Overview of Next Gen Firewalls

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Gen Firewalls

Firewalls provide an essential Internet security function by monitoring and controlling the incoming and outgoing network traffic as per pre-determined security specifications. In effect, it acts as a gatekeeper that decides whether to grant or reject access for web traffic to trusted, secure networks. As with anything technological, firewalls are continually advancing and we have now entered the era of next gen firewalls, or NGFWs for short. These go beyond the traditional port/protocol inspection. 

Infographic: Social Media Marketing Trends 2017

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Social Media Marketing

As we have entered in 2017 and with the New Year we have to set up new goals and we have to put those into place. We all know that there were so many trends in Social Media Marketing in 2016 and we have managed very well those in 2016, but with this near there may be some changes in Trends of Social Media Marketing which will help in business of all sizes to grow their reach. These new trends will surely change your business, and of course, your marketing tactics. Once again it’s time to look. 

Why Your Next Degree Should Be an Online One

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online degree

Technology is really changing numerous parts of our lives. Online banking, for example, has completely changed the way we engage with banking activities. It is now possible to open and manage a bank account or credit card using nothing but a smartphone. Another big change influenced by technology has happened in the education landscape. In recent years, more universities – including top names such as the University of Arizona – have made their distance learning programs available online. You. 

PDF Compressor Announces Limited Time Software Giveaway

PDF Compressor

From January 11 to February 1, 2017, PDF Compressor will be available at no cost!  The team at PDF Compressor is thrilled to announce a limited-time giveaway. Their exclusive software will be available for download from January 11 through February 1, 2017, at no cost. PDF Compressor works by converting scanned PDF files into smaller files. According to PDF Compressor, their software offers a 23% compression ratio that takes 30MB files and converts them into 8MB files without sacrificing content. 

Infographic: The Internet & Offline Retail

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Offline Retail

The advent and proliferation of the Internet has caused absolute and monumental changes in the world we live in; this change that the Internet has brought has been witnessed all around us – both in business and in our day to day lives. It has revolutionized retail; customers can now buy anything they want on their computers in any part of the world. It has also provided data to store owners that previously they wouldn’t have had access to. Many would believe that the Internet has harmed the. 

Infographic: The Story of Houzz

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Many of our readers will have used Houzz and will be aware of its fame, but the story of its growth is an interesting one. It started in a very simple way when Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen were facing problem in finding an inspiration while remodelling their own home. Houzz is a habitat of over 40 million users and has 25 million unique monthly visitors. Unique monthly visitors are important as it indicates how active the user base is and it really proves that what an energetic community Houzz has. 

Infographic: 3D Printing – A New Dimension to an Established Industry

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3D Printing

3D printing is here and its potential is incredible. 2 out of 3 manufacturers have adopted, or are in the process of adopting, 3D printing in some form. Of those who haven’t implemented any 3D printing techniques yet, 15.5% plan to implement it in the next 3 years, and only 8.6% have no plans at all to implement 3D printing. In the aerospace industry, 3D printing has the potential to save as much as $3.4 billion in maintenance, repair & operation costs. These are incredible savings and will. 

6 Tips for a Better Website

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Web design

Maybe your readership is in decline. Maybe you aren’t bringing in the sales or profits that you’d like. Whatever your reason for wanting a better website, here are just six ways to overhaul your design, improve your functionality and increase your virtual traffic. Revisit Your Domain Name If your website is struggling, it’s time to make changes from the ground up. The first step should be your domain name. Does it clearly and concisely explain what your website is about? Is. 

5 Technologies to Transform Your Business

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Cloud Computing

With technologies changing all the time, your company must be able to adapt to developments to survive and thrive in a competitive market. Only a forward-thinking business will be able to stand apart from its competitors, and one of the best ways to gain an advantage is by utilising the very best technologies available. Look at the five innovations that have the potential to transform your business. Cloud Computing Cloud computing can ensure a more productive workplace, as the data storage facility. 

The Role of Mobile & Big Data in Changing Retail Marketing Avenue

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mobile Data

Retail marketing is getting competitive every single day, all thanks to the contribution of big data analysis and competitive mobile leads. Retail environment is changing drastically in today’s competitive business world and a share of credit definitely goes to big data analysis and mobile leads. These exceptional business tools are playing an outstanding role in creating brand loyalty, providing recognition to the business, personalizing business experience and fostering strategic alignment for.