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Top 4 Casino Software Development Leaders

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Casino Software 2

Ok, we all know that the likes of Micro Gaming and Playtech. These companies are already considered legends among those firms who develop software for online casinos. The products they deliver are top notch, certified and near flawless. There is a drawback however – their services will cost you a fortune. That’s not something many of you, beginner entrepreneurs in the online casino market can afford. Luckily, there are cheaper alternatives on the market. Sure, most of them are straightforward. 

Top 10 Web Based Application Advantages

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Web Based Application

 In the present scenario, web application visitors raised upto 90% from the mobile app browser. The web application is more beneficial for the visitors to get information related to any query. Now move on to get more idea from the below points which depicts web based application advantages. Low on Data: In emerging markets like India, which still have a low bandwidth, data comes at a premium. An app which takes close to 10 Mbs as a native app, can be reduced to about 500KB. No installation required.. 

Top 25 SQL Interview Questions & Answers

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SQL server

SQL is a language for accessing and manipulating database standardized by ANSI. To be successful with database-centric applications (which includes most of the applications Data Warehousing domain), one must be strong enough in SQL. Bringing an SQL Certification to the table gives you an edge for jobs. In this article, we will learn about SQL in the form of many question-answer sessions commonly asked in Interviews. What is the difference between SQL and PL/SQL? PL/SQL is a dialect of SQL. 

Managing Tech Debt Is Critical But Important Aspect

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Tech debt is bound to occur in a code especially when it becomes old enough. With age bugs and defects start creeping in the code and it becomes highly difficult to detect and identify them for fixing. This results in slow or no functioning of the code which further results in loss of time, money and effort. Such loss may silently strangulate your company with the least knowledge, and therefore, it is essential that you keep a check on your tech debt on a regular basis through your qualified and. 

Signs And Indications Of Being In Technical Debt

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Android app for debt management

Just like any risk, it is good until that time till when it can be managed and the same applies to technical debt as well. But what are the signs that would let you know whether your project is having technical debt or not? Well, tech debt is a very controversial matter as from the management’s perspective it never received any consideration and has always been the concern of the developers of the project. In fact, any company with a software development unit should take tech debt with seriousness. 

Treat Your Tech Debt Just Like Your Financial Debt

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Tech Debt

You should not ignore your tech debt just like you should not ignore your financial debt. With active refactoring and rewiring of the codes, you can manage your tech debt with a little diligence and time. If you do not then the system will be difficult to maintain as there will be too many dependencies of one class on another. When such a change or refactoring is being made then you should also understand the effect of it on any other associated class dependencies. It all deals on how the code was. 

Giveaway of DoYourData Recovery 5.5

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DoYourData Recovery

Get FREE a license key of Do Your Data Recovery Professional – the easy-to-use yet powerful Windows file recovery software to recover all kinds of files from computers and storage devices. With powerful data recovery features, Do Your Data Recovery Professional can easily and thoroughly get all lost files back from any kind of data loss scenario – such as deleting, formatting, virus attacking, power failure, partition loss, OS crash, etc. This tool takes only three simple steps to get. 

The Growing Importance of Smartphones For Your Travels

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iPhone 5S camera

If devices were to be judged or classified on the basis of its usage, the smartphone, today, seems less like a phone and more of a pervasive instrument aiding a man in his way through life, making his life more technology dependent than ever. According to, even in the field of travel, smartphones are making their presence felt in a big way, making the whole traveling experience easier and more reliable for the travelers. With a plethora of apps available for various aspects related. 

Top Five Tips for Choosing an Enterprise Server

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server design

Choosing the appropriate server to use is possibly one of the most important decisions to make when starting out in the world of business. There are many factors to take into consideration, not the least of which is security, as you will ultimately be allowing your data to be housed in someone else’s facility. Small businesses in particular should pay attention to the need for a server, as it will represent one of the biggest financial outlays in their initial set-up. The following list is by. 

How To Make Money Online Without Ever Leaving Your Home

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Digital Money

In today’s digital media landscape, there is a whole new spectrum of opportunities available to us. While many aspects of the internet are extremely entertaining, it can also be a great place to generate an income. Plenty of websites generate a substantial income based off services they provide rather than any real product. Even bloggers can make a substantial living simply cataloguing and publishing their life stories. There’s no reason why you can’t be making money while doing this, and.