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A Basic Sketch of the Next iPad

By Techtiplib | OnMonday, February 7th, 2011 - Comments Off on A Basic Sketch of the Next iPad

Apple is a cyclical creature, like bears, unicorns and ladyfolk. iPods in September; iPhones in June; and likely, iPads in April. April is not so far away! So, unsurprisingly, we’re starting to hear what the next iPad looks like. The brains – While one generation of devices does not a trend make—three’s a trend, in journo-land—Apple is less mystical and more economical than most internet denizens would suspect. The A4 chip that first showed up in the iPad also made its way. 

How to package a presentation for CD

By Techtiplib | OnThursday, January 1st, 1970 - Comments Off on How to package a presentation for CD

Follow these steps to create a CD to present your slide show on another computer. Before you copy and distribute your presentation, inspect your presentation for hidden data and personal information (see step 8 below), and then decide whether it is appropriate to include this information in the copied presentation. Hidden information might include your name as the presentation’s creator, your company’s name, and other confidential information that you might not want outsiders to see..