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Information about Third party programs and toolbars

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All the FREEWARES which are shared on TechTipLib has been checked and “clean”. However, some including advertising and may offer to install third party programs (softwares or toolbar). Some one install the freeware then get “threat” then blame us that why shared untrusted software! But, don’t you know the truth that the real threat is not the program, but from those who install it. 

Here I tell you about the threat come from third party programs:

Third party programs, toolbars can change your computer including your default search or homepage. Most of us know free programs and toolbars or third party programs allow a developer to make money through advertising. And they are not always a bad thing and when these are bundled with a program they are called adware or advertising supported programs.

So we try to warn you in advance by adding a small notice at bottom of contents in each article, like this:

Note: This is an adware or advertising supported programs so it may include a toolbar, changing your homepage, default search engine or other third party programs. To keep safety from threat, read more about: Information about Third party programs and toolbars.

And below is a guide to install without Toolbars or Third party programs:

Just slowly reading and watching for anything is trying to install and opt out. And almost you can easy done by unchecking a box or looking for advanced, decline or skip options. The installation always offers you using the Express/ Quick installation function! And in my experiences, most people automatically click ahead when they see express install. Be careful about that, if choose an Express / Quick installation, you may allow install toolbars or Third party programs!!!

Below are some example photos:


Ask toolbar

Express install

Express install 2

Express installs

Recommend: Do not use “Express/ Quick installation”, use Custom/ Advance installation and only check needed box!

Recommended: Use Unchecky – Protect Your PC From Bundleware

We always update about Thid Party Programs at this page!