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Kaspersky PURE Kaspersky PUREKaspersky PURE far exceeds regular PC protection. It renders your PC highly immune to cyber threats of any kind. You can trust Kaspersky PURE to protect the integrity and privacy of all your digital assets. Kaspersky PURE keeps your computer in pristine condition and gives you complete peace of mind. Kaspersky PURE has ALL of KIS 2010’s tried and trusted functionality, plus a host of interesting new features: Full antimalware and anti-spam protection; Centralized management of tasks, reports and updates, etc, from any networked PC; Password Manager; Advanced Parental Control and monitoring of user’s Internet access; File Shredder; Data Encryption, Backup and Restore.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 is the backbone of your PC’s security system, delivering real-time protection from the latest malware and viruses. It works behind the scenes with intelligent scanning and small, frequent updates, while proactively protecting you from known and emerging Internet threats. Enjoy essential protection that won’t slow you down with Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012!

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 Kaspersky Internet Security 2012Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 delivers premium protection from viruses, Trojans, spam, hackers, and more. Its cutting-edge, hybrid approach to digital security combines innovative, cloud-based technologies with advanced antivirus protection to deliver a faster, more effective response to today’s complex, ever-evolving threats. You, your private data and PC are completely protected as you work, bank, shop and play online

Kaspersky ONE Kaspersky ONEKaspersky ONE Universal Security is the easy, one-licence solution to protect your PCs, Macs, Smartphones and Android tablets. Based on award-winning Kaspersky Lab technologies, Kaspersky ONE delivers security that’s optimised for each device, to provide real-time protection against dangerous Internet threats. Whichever device you use to bank, shop, surf or chat online, you know you’re safe.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac Kaspersky Anti-Virus for MacKaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac has been developed to meet the specific security requirements of Mac users who know the value of the data stored on their computers, along with the need to keep them running smoothly. As one of the most successful specialist software security companies in the world, you can trust Kaspersky’s award-winning technologies to protect your music, photos, files and sensitive information, and prevent you passing malware threats on to friends and colleagues when exchanging information with other types of computers.

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 Kaspersky Mobile Security 9You make calls, send SMSs, browse the web and communicate via social networks every day. Your smartphone is your life. Kaspersky Mobile Security keeps your private life truly private.

Kaspersky Password Manager Kaspersky Password ManagerKaspersky Password Manager is an indispensable tool for the active Internet user. It fully automates the process of entering passwords and other data into websites and saves the user from going to the trouble of creating and remembering multiple passwords. When you use Kaspersky Password Manager to log in, you can rest assured that your data is safe: all confidential data is encrypted and kept in a dedicated database on your computer. The software creates exceptionally strong passwords and prevents your login information from being stolen. Kaspersky Password Manager makes your web experience safe and easy.

Kaspersky KryptoStorage Kaspersky KryptoStorageKaspersky KryptoStorage securely protects your personal files against unauthorized access and data theft using cutting-edge transparent encryption technology and allows deleted files to be permanently erased from your computer. Kaspersky KryptoStorage ensures that your encrypted data stays confidential in the event of malware attacks, unsecure WiFi connections and even if your laptop or storage device is lost or stolen. The encrypted data is only accessible via a strong password that is highly resistant to brute force attacks. Kaspersky KryptoStorage safeguards your private life from unwelcome attention.

Kaspersky Work Space Security Kaspersky Work Space SecurityKaspersky Work Space Security provides centralized protection for Windows and Linux workstations from all contemporary Internet threats, including viruses, spyware, rootkits, identity theft, hacker attacks, spam and more.

Kaspersky Business Space Security Kaspersky Business Space SecurityKaspersky Business Space Security protects workstations, smartphones and file servers running under Windows, Linux, Novell Netware and Samba with a free administration tool included. The product is designed to meet the increasing demands of servers operating under heavy loads.

Kaspersky Enterprise Space Security Kaspersky Enterprise Space SecurityKaspersky Enterprise Space Security protects workstations, file servers and mail servers from all contemporary Internet threats, removes viruses from email, and keeps information secure and fully accessible to users of network resources.