Facebook Group/Fan Page: why it is so important for your business and how to measure its ROI

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Facebook WordPress Plugin

Increasingly brands, from household names to start-ups, are exploring social media and online PR. Usually, the most obvious place to start for those new to online PR is Facebook. Establishing a commercial presence on Facebook by running a company fan page, can be a great brand awareness exercise, as well as indirectly increasing financial ROI. So, firstly, let’s look at three reasons. 

How to Add Watermarks to Your Photos Using WonderFox Photo Watermark

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WonderFox Photo Watermark

The development of technology makes it convenient for more and more people to take photos. When seeing beautiful scenery or delicious food, most people like to use their cameras or cellphones to grab the most beautiful moments and share their photos through their social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. However, it is not safe for them to do so because someone else may copy. 

Lock and Hide Specific Pages in PDF Documents by PDF Page Lock

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PDF Security

Protecting important documents from prying eyes finds use in both corporate and home appliances. A typical solution is to just encrypt the PDF document a user wants to stay secure and therefore limit access to its content. However, sometimes locking the entire document is not necessary or may even become a hinder. For instance, a long corporate contract should be made readable by a number. 

The Evolution Of Automation In Manufacturing

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Evolution Of Automation

Technological advancements have seen the success and evolution of manufacturing automation. Automation in simple terms refers to the taking of redundant tasks and designing a system that automatically executes them. We shall discuss some of the steps and process that led to modern day automation advancements. Automation Benefits When automation was first introduced, the safety and general. 

How to transfer data from Android to iPhone

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Android to iPhone

Phone data can be easily lost if you do not back up frequently. For example, a friend told me he wanted to transfer all the data from his Samsung Galaxy S7 whose screen was broken after the fall to the ground to his new iPhone 8. However, some files, such as videos, are difficult to transfer because supported video formats vary from phones with different operating systems. So if you are faced. 

10 Ideas for Creating Interesting Video Content for Your Website

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Video Advertising

Marketing and Search Engine Optimization has become an essential part of doing business in the Internet-powered era. In this day and age people need to know about a company for it to make a mark. To achieve this, what better platform than the World Wide Web? Companies have found that well-written articles and a well-designed website draw many followers. However, the traction is nothing compared. 

Ways in Which Mobile Apps Are Transforming Insurance

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mobile apps

Savvy Ways Through Which Mobile Apps Are Revolutionizing Insurance They say that if you are not sure, then you need to insure. This mantra by the insurance sector is common among many people. Though the essence and mission of the insurance industry remain the same, the way it operates is dynamic owing to various technological advancements occurring   in every generation. One of the tech. 

5 Android Apps That You Should Try In 2018

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Android Apps

Android is the most used smartphone platform with over a billion users in the market with competition only with Apple’s iOS and Microsoft Windows which seems to have receded from the smartphone industry. The buck doesn’t stop here, when you hear that there are around 3.5 million apps on the Play Store to choose from. This is sure to put a user into grave shock as to which apps are the. 

The Answer To All Your Data Problems: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

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Data Recovery Wizard

The very thought of losing total access to important files on a computer or device is terrifying. This could have been caused by accidentally deleted files, virus infiltration or even a system crash. Whatever the case, this ordeal could end up costing you, depending on the type of data you lost. However, we can easily wave our problems goodbye with the free data recovery software. Please. 

How to Secure Your iPhone when Traveling Abroad

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Secure Your iPhone

Your iPhone is one of the best and likely your most used travel tool. You can book plane tickets, use it as a map, find restaurants, learn languages, and so much more. It’s important that you keep it safe as it makes your travels a whole lot more convenient. In this article, we have listed down a couple tips to help you keep your iPhone secure during your entire trip. Use a screen protector With. 

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