The Program to Protect LCD-Monitors against Image Persistence and Further Damage is Available

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Protect LCD-Monitors

GRG Software Company released PerfectScreen program for everyday use in order to prevent damages and to correct initial stage damages on LCD monitors (also with LED-lighting) caused by image persistence. According to studies, every second LCD monitor has insignificant damages because of the main disadvantage of LCD technology itself – image persistence. It appears on the monitor screen. 

[Freeware] PDF Anti-Copy

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PDF Anti-Copy

PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the most popular document formats in the world. As the name suggests, PDF files are portable and they are compatible to most systems because they can be converted into some of the other editable formats like MS Word, Excel and TXT. However, there would be a lot of PDF documents are important to some users and they would never want other people to. 

How Tech Tools Are Transforming Our Office Life

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Tech Tools

While developers endeavor to enhance their collaborative work by learning how to deploy ASP.NET Core to IIS and by using some other sophisticated platforms, the rest of the people working in their respective offices are looking for ways to improve their workflow in a similar way. This means there are a lot of teams who are also shifting to a more sophisticated collaborative system of work. In. 

Stop Cutting Out The Middle Man

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macbook air

Businesses nowadays aren’t as streamlined as they potentially could be. There are costs that could be saved across the board, if only more people knew how to access them and implement them. Being able to save not just on the time that you are putting into completing these jobs when somebody is able to do them a lot quicker (giving you time to look more into revenue-generating jobs that. 

Don’t Let Your Website Get Out Of Date

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website design

Having a great website is vital for any business these days. It should be one of your first considerations when you’re starting a new business. Unfortunately, the website can often be neglected once it has already been built. You’ve spent a lot of money on a good developer and they’ve created a user-friendly, interesting site for you. That’s fine for a few months, but if you don’t. 

How to Improve Emergency Services with Wireless Broadband Technology

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Best Broadband Package

When talking about improving emergency medical services (EMS), most people think of simply purchasing more hardware. For instance, they may think of simply buying a better-equipped ambulance or the newest gear for their paramedics. However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that setting up a wireless broadband network—and the internet access that comes with it—can benefit these. 

35 Best Ways to Promote Your Mobile App in 2017

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Promote Mobile App

 Mobile applications recently have gained a lot of attention from businesses and their customers. They are a great medium of marketing and information for the people out there. Many mobile application development companies are providing businesses with the finest solutions for their marketing and product sales with developing world class mobile apps for them. digital composite of hand holding. 

Giveaway of Wise Folder Hider Pro 4.16

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Folder Hider

Download FREE giveaway version for 6 months using time and support upgrading of Wise Folder Hider Pro! This is the professional File/Folder Hidden & Encryption Tool which helps you to hide, encrypt personal files, photos, videos and other personal data from your PC. With Wise Folder Hider, you can easily hide your files and folders. Protect your private or important data from unauthorized. 

What Are The Basic Elements Of A Quality Audience Response System?

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Audience Response System

Audience response systems allow people to express their opinions about a certain event or subject. The people who are involved in the response could be company employees, members of a physical audience group or a collection of users on an internet forum or social media page. Tracking audience response has become much easier since the advent of the internet and smartphones. This means that. 

Special giveaway of WonderFox DVD Video Converter for Techtiplib’s readers

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DVD Video Converter

The WonderFox DVD Video Converter is designed for your digital life & family sharing, which provides the total multimedia solution to rip DVD & convert video & download video. This giveaway is a special gift for Techtiplib’s readers from WonderFox Soft, Inc, in which, you can get a FREE license key of WonderFox DVD Video Converter. It supports 4K UHD video conversion. 

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