Infographic: The Story of Houzz

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Many of our readers will have used Houzz and will be aware of its fame, but the story of its growth is an interesting one. It started in a very simple way when Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen were facing problem in finding an inspiration while remodelling their own home. Houzz is a habitat of over 40 million users and has 25 million unique monthly visitors. Unique monthly visitors are important. 

Infographic: 3D Printing – A New Dimension to an Established Industry

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3D Printing

3D printing is here and its potential is incredible. 2 out of 3 manufacturers have adopted, or are in the process of adopting, 3D printing in some form. Of those who haven’t implemented any 3D printing techniques yet, 15.5% plan to implement it in the next 3 years, and only 8.6% have no plans at all to implement 3D printing. In the aerospace industry, 3D printing has the potential to save. 

6 Tips for a Better Website

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Web design

Maybe your readership is in decline. Maybe you aren’t bringing in the sales or profits that you’d like. Whatever your reason for wanting a better website, here are just six ways to overhaul your design, improve your functionality and increase your virtual traffic. Revisit Your Domain Name If your website is struggling, it’s time to make changes from the ground up. The. 

5 Technologies to Transform Your Business

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Cloud Computing

With technologies changing all the time, your company must be able to adapt to developments to survive and thrive in a competitive market. Only a forward-thinking business will be able to stand apart from its competitors, and one of the best ways to gain an advantage is by utilising the very best technologies available. Look at the five innovations that have the potential to transform your. 

The Role of Mobile & Big Data in Changing Retail Marketing Avenue

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mobile Data

Retail marketing is getting competitive every single day, all thanks to the contribution of big data analysis and competitive mobile leads. Retail environment is changing drastically in today’s competitive business world and a share of credit definitely goes to big data analysis and mobile leads. These exceptional business tools are playing an outstanding role in creating brand loyalty,. 

What Does 2017 Have in Store for UK Manufacturing?

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UK Manufacturing

2016 proved to be something of a testing year for Britain’s once legendary manufacturing industry. With the debate around the Brexit vote looming, UK manufacturing dealt with wave after wave of uncertainty, which only grew as we approached the 23rd of June. What happened next has been well documented, but its effect on the UK manufacturing industry has been an interesting one. The immediate. 

FREE download pre-activated of Wise Care 365 Pro

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Wise Care 365

This is a special giveaway from for Techtiplib’s readers, in which users can download FREE the giveaway version, it is pre-activated, it can support upgrading but has 6-month using time limitation. Wise Care 365 Pro specializes in system optimization and maintenance. It features many tools for removing unnecessary files from the computer and make the PC run better.. 

Choosing the perfect Wi-Fi router for your home – Making sure you choose the best one

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Wi-Fi router

We usually make the mistake of taking our home Wi-fi network for granted but there are many households which face a job which no one loves to do. Replacing the wireless router is one big intimidating task which many users hate doing. With the increasing demand of online video gaming and 4K video streaming and with the sudden explosion of mobile devices which are trying to connect with each. 

How Digital Money Could End Society

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Digital Money

Unless you have managed to avoid the internet entirely, you’ve probably heard a bit about Amazon Prime’s award-winning show, Mr Robot. This series follows the idea of a society which collapses when hackers delete digital finance records from one of the biggest corporations in the world, leaving economic chaos. But what would cause society to shut down in the real world? Could it be a. 

Wartime X: A New F2P Card Battler That Changes The Pace Of The Genre

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Wartime X

TORONTO, Canada – Card battlers generally have two drawbacks: players have limited control over their cards, and gameplay is slow. Unlike other apps in the genre, Wartime X combines strategic gameplay with fast-paced action, using a unique combat engine that fuses the card classics poker and war. First, the speed. Wartime X combat runs on three-card hands that allow players to quickly. 

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