A Basic Sketch of the Next iPad

By Techtiplib | On Mon, Feb 7th, 2011 - Comments Off on A Basic Sketch of the Next iPad

Apple is a cyclical creature, like bears, unicorns and ladyfolk. iPods in September; iPhones in June; and likely, iPads in April. April is not so far away! So, unsurprisingly, we’re starting to hear what the next iPad looks like. The brains – While one generation of devices does not a trend make—three’s a trend, in journo-land—Apple is less mystical and more economical. 

How to package a presentation for CD

By Techtiplib | On Thu, Jan 1st, 1970 - Comments Off on How to package a presentation for CD

Follow these steps to create a CD to present your slide show on another computer. Before you copy and distribute your presentation, inspect your presentation for hidden data and personal information (see step 8 below), and then decide whether it is appropriate to include this information in the copied presentation. Hidden information might include your name as the presentation’s creator,. 

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